Being a successful webcam model has very little to do with the content of your shows. I found that technology, reliability, and attitude are the real keys to success. Perfect all three, and you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Check our Advice for WebCam Models:

HD Webcam

Having an HD webcam is probably the single most important tool a webcam model can use to make more money. HD-capable cams aren’t as expensive as you’d think either. You will have to spend at least 30 dollars. Remember, the Internet is your friend. Just do a search for HD webcams. You will find what you are looking for.

Internet Speed

The fastest internet you can get from your internet provider is the one you want. Live video streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth so make sure no one else is using your connection while you are camming. Sometimes it won’t affect your show too much but it’s better if no one else is downloading or uploading anything on your computer or another one in the house.


Chatters will most likely become recurring customers if you have a schedule posted, and can be relied on to follow that schedule. You don’t only have to log on when you are scheduled, you can log in and cam whenever, but it is very important to maintaining a following if your chatters know when you will be working.

Keep Water Nearby

Always keep a drink nearby when you are doing live shows. It’s hard to project a great positive attitude if you are dying of thirst or aren’t feeling well. It’s easy to become dehydrated plus you won’t ever have to leave your work area to refresh. This is very important because you should never leave your cam. Chatters won’t stay in the room if you aren’t there.

Play It Safe

Last but not least, you should keep it safe! What good is making all that money if you start getting stalkers finding you outside of work? Never ever use the internet without using a router. They can be relatively cheap and will prove more priceless than you know. The average time to hack into someone’s unsecured computer is 16 minutes. You read that right, 16 minutes. If you are connected directly to your modem then your internet, computer, and most importantly your personal information are not secure. The router creates a barrier that hackers cannot get through, especially if you have a secured password for wireless. You may only have one computer and don’t think you need a router because no one else is using your internet connection. No one else may be using it but if you don’t get a router and make a password for your wireless internet through your router your computer is at risk for Trojans and viruses that can jeopardize your safety. If you aren’t sure how to do this contact your router customer service and tell them you want to secure your internet access with a password. If you contact your internet provider they can’t do anything to secure your router. You need to call customer service for your router. You can find their number on the box the router came in or look online.

video chat advice

Also equally if not more important is never to give out your personal information such as your real name, address, phone number, or email to customers you meet while working, unless you know deep in your heart you have met the person you are going to marry 🙂 It’s really not a joking matter because you never know what the person you are chatting with is really like, and what they are capable of. You are better off playing it safe, no matter how much you think you like them because your life isn’t worth the gamble!

Advice for WebCam Models

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